Brain surgery

Turkey offer the first and only 1A Ultra Clean operating room equipment of Turkey approved by an independent accredited organization, that obtain superior technological infrastructure facilities that support surgical operations in all branches.

The neurosurgical center of Turkey in the field of brain and neurosurgery, especially in the areas of Back and Spine Surgery, Parkinson and Motion Disorders and Brain Surgeries. 

Parkinson, Tremor, Dystonia, Major depression, OCD, Epilepsy, Tourette’s Syndrome, Deep Brain Stimulation operations are performed in our hospital.

Turkey specialized in spinal and neurosurgery surgeries, and successfully perform scoliosis surgeries, especially herniated disc and cervical disc hernia, in our hospital.

Pediatric neurosurgery, tumor, aneurysm operations are performed in brain surgery field.

All of the neuromodulation surgeries in the spine, the brain and the movement disorders we refer to as functional can be performed in our hospital.

Neuronavigation, neuromonitoring and surgical microscopy are used in brain surgery.