Breast aesthetics

One of the most sought after surgical operations by women is breast aesthetics. It is commonly called breast augmentation and it is usually done by adding implants to the breasts. Breast lift and breast reduction operations are also other options to reach the desired breast size and shape. Breast revision surgery however deals with aftermath if the patient is not satisfied with the results for different reasons and outcomes.

• Deflating, leakage, capsular contracture in the planted breast implant

• Dissatisfaction with the size of the planted breast implant

• Asymmetry problem with two breasts of different sizes

• Skin tissue problems due to aging, gravity or weight gain or loss in time

• Not wanting the planted breast implants anymore

All these reasons are more than enough for the breast revision surgery. For whatever reason, if you are dissatisfied with the current situation of your breasts, you can go through another breast aesthetics. But don’t forget, revision surgeries are difficult operations and therefore make sure to pick the correct surgeon in the first place to avoid problems.

The breasts are a uniquely feminine body feature. Women who are confident about the appearance of their breasts often have a positive self-image. Breast enhancement surgery can help women have the breast size and shape they desire. Plastic surgery can also be helpful to men who want a more masculine chest. Attractive, natural looking results are possible when you choose an aesthetic plastic surgeon who has proper training, sufficient experience, and an artistic approach.