Child Health and Diseases

The Department of Child Health and Diseases has been organized to provide examination, treatment and preventive health services for children and adolescents between 0-16 years of age. Beginning at birth, child health and disease specialists and physicians specializing in lower branches. 

For Turkish system, health services are provided for every child and child.

¬ Pediatric Allergic Rhinitis

¬ Pediatric Cancer Center

¬ Pediatric Cardiology

¬ Pediatric Endocrinology

¬ Pediatric Gastroenterology

¬ Pediatric Hematology

¬ Pediatric Infection Diseases

¬ Pediatric Nephrology

¬ Pediatric Neurology

¬ Pediatric Psychology

¬ Pediatric Pulmonology

¬ Pediatric Surgery

¬ Pediatric Urology

¬ Pediatrics