Ear Nose Throat - Otorhinolaryngology

All work performed with the use of modern technological equipment is carried out in accordance with the highest medical, ethical, and academic standards. Members of our ENT team have more than one hundred scientific publications published in national/international journals, especially the most prestigious journals in the world. Patients applying to the Department of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery of Turkey’s Hospital are provided with emergency, polyclinic, and inpatient treatments.

Turkey making use of all modern medical facilities for the diagnosis and treatment of snoring and cessation of breathing during sleep (Sleep Apnea Disease). First of all, our patients undergo sleep tests (polysomnographic examination) in the sleep laboratory operating within the Department of Neurological Diseases. Subsequently, once resulting information is combined with examination, their treatments are planned. In recent years, the "Radiofrequency Surgery" used all over the world is being successfully performed for the treatment of this patient population in Turkish Hospital as well. Many conditions accompanied by nose-breathing disorders, which considerably impair the quality of life and cause great discomfort in patients, are diagnosed and treated successfully and utilizing the huge pool of experience.

Turkish Hospital offers the potential for performing operations using endoscopic and microscopic techniques.