PRP Applications

What Is PRP?

Known as Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP treatment is based on injecting person’s own blood to problematic area by enriching this blood with thrombocyte. Although PRP application has become popular in recent years, this method is used in various medical fields for more than 30 years. This treatment is used in physical therapy, dermatology and orthopaedics and this treatment is based on self-regenerating skill of human body. Although this method is known as root cell treatment among people, it is actually rich thrombocyte treatment. Thrombocytes indirectly work as root cells but this treatment cannot be called root cell treatment.

Plastic surgery and aesthetics applications today has the enough infra structure to intervene and correct from the bone structure to skin character, weight size, and any kind of physical deformation. Especially skin rejuvenescance applications and techniques helping in removing the signs of aging are among the most favorite aesthetics applications.