Urology departments provide urological examination, diagnosis and treatment services for adult and pediatric patients. Physicians of Urology departments are committed to providing patients with proficient urology services, utilizing their clinical experience and knowledge based on scientific studies and research.


Urology departments of Acıbadem Hospitals Group offer diagnosis and treatment services in a number of fields including routine procedures such as prostate and bladder TUR operations, invasive and non-invasive stone surgery (ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy) and lithotripsy (ESWL); as well as urological cancer care, pediatric urology operations, urodynamics  and male sexual dysfunction.

Modern medicinal and surgical treatment methods (TUR, Greenlight Laser PVP, Greenlight Laser HPS, Feedback Thermotherapy) are employed for treatment of urinary disorders associated with prostate enlargement (BPH). Furthermore, comprehensive studies are undertaken in areas concerning prostate health, such as prostate cancer screening and treatment of prostate infections.