Bone Marrow Transplantation Center in accordance with its vision of being a reference center in many branches in Turkey. The unit which aims to meet the needs for bone marrow transplantation of the patients who come from many other countries along with Istanbul and Turkey has all the facilities deriving from today’s technology. Besides providing the international standards on bone marrow transplantation, the center offers all the services needed by the patients. Those who have blood disorders such as multiple myeloma (malignant bone marrow disease caused by plasma cells), lymphoma (hematological lymph node cancer), acute leukemia (cancer of the blood) and chronic leukemia, aplastic anemia can have bone marrow transplant in the center where the treatment processes are conducted within a multidisciplinary structure. Bone marrow transplant / Stem cell transplant Stem cells are the cells which are responsible for producing blood in the human organism. The transplant of these cells which have profoundly special functions are generally called “bone marrow transplant” or “stem cell transplant”. Bone marrow transplant is called “autologous transplant” when it is performed in the patient by their own stem cells and is called “allogenic transplant” when it is performed by the cells taken from relatives or from unrelated donors who have tissue compatibility. The stem cell of the blood is transplanted in the bone marrow transplant.
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    Turkey is the Leading Destination for Organ Transplantation in the World. Turkey is among top three countries of the world in kidney and liver transplants from live donors, according to the Turkish Transplant Coordinators Association head. Turkey invests heavily in the health sector and looks to improve its service quality to boost the potential of health tourism, and experts say it is paying off, as more foreigners prefer the country for organ transplants. Some 589 foreign nationals benefited from liver and kidney transplants from live donors last year, a small number compared to the total of 4,171 transplants, but it indicates that Turkey is gradually becoming a favorite destination for those seeking transplants thanks to its improved health infrastructure and skilled surgeons. Health Ministry figures show that the number of foreign transplant recipients rose compared to only 359 people in 2017, as 391 foreigners received kidney transplants, while 198 were operated on for liver transplants. The high survival rate after transplants and quality health services are among factors attracting patients from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas to Turkey. Our parnter Memorial is reference center for organ transplantation in the world. 261 Liver Transplantations Annually 377 Kidney Transplantations Annually 355 Bone Marrow Transplantations Annually 73.000 Operations Annually 1.800.000 Patiens Annually
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